Admissions Requirements

Admissions requirements are the formal criteria that need to be met in order to be admitted into a specific study program.

In accordance with the the Lower Saxony University law § 18, the right to study at a university of applied sciences can be proven through:

  • – the general university entrance qualification (Abitur)
  • – the general applied sciences qualification:
    • FOS-completion or
    • the admission to a one year Abitur plus a one year internship or
    • the transferring into the 12th grade plus a minimum of two years of vocational job training
  • – Abitur equivalent test (Immaturenprüfung)
  • – a certified and recognized as equivalent by the Ministry of Culture.
  • for example, through a master’s certificate
  • a completed vocational training “state certified technician” or “state certified operator”

A detailed overview of which educational and job qualifications that will lead to university entrance qualifications, can be found on the site for the General Student Counselling of the Hochschule Hannover and the site for Student Counselling in Lower Saxony.


A general overview of the admissions requirements for the Hochschule Hannover can be read on the General Admissions Requirements page.