Study Program Administration

Felix Heise
Study Program Assistant

Antje Redeker-Pommerehne
Examination Administration


Prof. Dr. Jutta Bertram
Information Management - Basics

Prof. Dr. Ina Blümel
Networked Data in Information Science

Prof. Dr. Karolin Bubke
Informationswissenschaft mit dem Schwerpunkt Recherche und Informationsdienste

Prof. Dr. Klaus Gantert
Library Science with a Focus on Information Systems
Study Program Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Sönke Lieberam-Schmidt
Business Administration in Information Management

Prof. Dr. Fabian Schmieder
Media and Information Technology Law

Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Schult
Applied Computer Science with a Focus on New Media

Prof. Dr.-Eng. Monika Steinberg
Media Information Technology

Prof. Dr. Christian Wartena
Language and Knowledge Processing

Prof. Dr. Peter Wübbelt
Applied Computer Science with a Focus on Decentralized Systems

Instructors for Special Tasks 

Silke Clausing, Diploma Librarian, M.A.
Cataloguing in Libraries

Dr. Anke Wittich
IT-supported Processes in Library Networks and Small Information Facilities

Research Assistants 

Dr. Peter Stettner
Audiovisual Media