Organization & Online Services


The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover uses the course management system Moodle for the provision of learning materials. The lecturers manage their offered courses in Moodle and upload the slides of the lectures, exercises and other materials there. With the university ID you can register there and search for the individual courses. At the beginning of each semester, the lecturer announces the registration key for his or her course.

In every Moodle course there is also a discussion forum and a section for course news.

Here you get to the Moodle Platform.



The timetables and room plans as well as search options for persons or events are made available in the integrated Campus Management System (iCMS). In addition, you can register for and deregister from examinations, view the grades of the works and exams, and display or print out the transcript of records. You can access iCMS with your university identification under the following link: iCMS

Following the registration you have access to further functions. You can, among other things:

  • Create a personal timetable
  • Get information about the events of your study program
  • Get information about individual courses
  • Mark events in your personal timetable
  • Get information about organizational changes to pre-registered courses or
  • Search for instructors, e.g. to access contact details

In the freely accessible iCMS Moodle course you will find many instructions and videos on the various functions. Here you can access the Moodle Course.


Other Online Services

Other online services and access options such as access to your owne-mail account or the application for your own Webspace können Sie auf der Webseite der Hochschul-IT nachlesen. Dort gibt es unter anderem auch Informationen  zum Wi-Fi access, to VPN connections and to access your own university workstation. Here you can access the services of the University IT.


Web Engineering Lab (WebLab)

The aim of WebLab ist die Bündelung, Förderung und Weiterentwicklung studentischer Ergebnisse aus Lehrveranstaltungen, Praktika und Abschlussarbeiten zum Thema Web- und Multimediaentwicklung (Medieninformatik). Unter WebLab-Projekte stellen wir Ihnen unsere Ergebnisse vor.

Our current projects can be found here.



In addition to the wide range of online services, there are several organizations that take care of the students' concerns and represent the students' interests to the outside world. The two most important organizations are the general student committee (AStA) and the Student Council of the Department of Information and Communication (FSR).

The AStA serves to represent interests both internally, i.e. at the university, and externally, such as negotiations with the Studentenwerk. It takes a stand on issues of higher education policy and works together with the other committees of the university. Thus, the AStA promotes and cares for the political education as well as the social and sport-related interests of the students. This includes services such as social counselling, the organisation of events, copying facilities at reasonable prices and the sale of writing materials in the AStA paper shop. The AStA is also responsible for negotiating semester tickets. Click here to go to the website of the AStA.

The Student Council sees itself as a neutral contact for students and takes care of solving various problems with lecturers, lectures or examinations. The Student Council achieves this through applications to the Faculty Council or through discussions with the parties. In addition to the mediating activities, the Student Council supports its students with notes and tests for exam preparation. Here you can access the website of the Student Council.