For many prospective students, the Bachelor's degree is not the ultimate objective in higher education. Often, our graduates pursue a Master's degree. If you do not want to start your professional career directly after the Bachelor's degree, but would like to acquire further qualifications, you will find a variety of advanced master programs here that build on the BA Information Management.

Established Master's Programs in Germany

The Bachelor's degree in Information Management forms the basis for a number of consecutive Master's program in Germany. A selection of some of the established Master's programs is presented here. If you are interested in a Master's program, you can obtain information and suggestions here.

Leipzig University of Applied SciencesLibrary and Information Science3 SemestersConsecutiveClick here!
University of Applied Sciences PotsdamArchive Sciences6 SemestersFurther Education DegreeClick here!
University of Applied Sciences PotsdamInformation Sciences3 SemestersConsecutiveClick here!
Hamburg University of Applied SciencesInformation, Media, Library4 Semesters ConsecutiveClick here!
Darmstadt University of Applied SciencesInformation Sciences4 SemestersConsecutiveClick here!
Humboldt University BerlinLibrary and Information Science4 SemestersConsecutiveClick here!
University of Applied Sciences KölnLibrary and Information Science4 SemestersPart-time, Further Education DegreeClick here!
University of HildesheimInformation Management and Information Technology4 SemestersConsecutiveClick here!
University of HildesheimInternational Information Management4 SemestersConsecutiveClick here!
Trier UniversityDigital Humanities4 SemestersConsecutiveClick here!
HdM StuttgartData Science and Business Analytics5 SemestersPart-time, Further Education DegreeClick here!
Technical University of Applied Sciences WildauLibrary Computer Science4 SemestersPart-time Master's ProgramClick here!
TU BraunschweigMedia Technology and Communication4 SemestersConsecutiveClick here!
Augsburg University of Applied SciencesInteractive Media Systems3 SemestersNot ConsecutiveClick here!
The University of GöttingenBusiness Information Systems4 SemestersConsecutiveClick here!