Career Prospects

Whether you are a prospective or already enrolled student, you always arrive at the point where you ask yourself what job opportunities may be available after your studies are completed. In order to achieve some clarity in this context, we would like to list some possible areas of work, explain them a little and present them to you.

Matching the Title: Information Manager

In a job advertisement for the job of an information manager different requirements can be specified. Some companies, for example, place particular emphasis on the research activities that the information manager masters, while others focus more on the IT area. After graduation, the information manager should be able to work in a variety of fields, if necessary with the appropriate specialization.

Here are some possible examples of tasks that are asked of an information manager in a job advertisement:

  • Periodic Research Activities
  • Digital Data Analysis and Web Analytics
  • Participation in the (further) Development of Digitization Strategies
  • Procurement and Administration of Normative Documents
  • Experienced Use of Content Management Systems such as WordPress
  • Conception and (further) Development of Web Applications, Mobile Apps and Media Offers
  • Activities within the Framework of Information Literacye.g. the Implementation of Training Courses or Consultation of Customers
  • Content Development of Document Management Systems
  • Cross-area Provision of Data and Document Management Systems
  • Participation in the Further Development of IT Environment
  • Continuous Improvement of Process Structures
  • Evaluation of Solutions by Realization Analysis and Prototyping
  • Application Management for IT Systems


Not to be Omitted: The Scientific Library

As a student of information management, you will gain insights into the tasks and structures of academic libraries. Libraries are a core part of the program and those who are interested can specialize in this area. About 20 percent of the graduates of the Information Management study program find themselves in this field following graduation.

What tasks in an academic libray await an information manager who has completed modules in the "Library" field of competence?

  • Management and Organization of the Library WorkBildergebnis für bibliothek stuttgart
  • Media Procurement and Inventory Management
  • Descriptive Cataloguing and Data Maintenance
  • Consulting, Catalogue Information and Literature Research
  • Implementation of Training Courses
  • Interlibrary Loans
  • Handling of Different Library Specific Programs for Research and Data Acquisition

What are the requirements to work in a scientific library?

The bachelor's degree with a specialization in "Library" is already a good preparation for later professional life. The knowledge required to work in a scientific library will also be acquired and deepened during the two internship phases in the 4th and 7th semester. Further prerequisites for a good start into professional life are usually a good knowledge of German and sometimes also of English.


Software and Web Development

At the end of his studies, the information manager with the corresponding specialization knows several different tools and programming languages that qualify him for this field of work.

Here are some examples of tasks that are performed in this area:

  • Design and development of websites and web applications with PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (Progressive Web Apps)
  • Technical and content conception and implementation of dynamic, database-supported websites (with and without content management system)
  • Installation and administration of content management systems such as WordPress
  • Development and implementation of WordPress plug-ins, Shopware plug-ins
  • Maintenance, optimization and further development of customer projects and own products
  • Technical conception, development, integration and testing of backend systems for mobile applications efficiently
  • Solution engineering and trouble shooting
  • Continuous improvement of existing customer systems
  • User Experience Design (UXD)
  • Design and implementation of databases such as MySQL


Digital Media and Multimedia

Web Information Management competence field is closely linked to the professional field of web development. Students in the Information Management study program learn the conception and implementation of digital media services and multimedia content. Tools, concepts and techniques for the creation of media formats for web and offline use are well known to the information manager with corresponding specialization. The following skills and competences can be acquired as part of the study program:

  • Image editing and classic video creation
  • Conception and implementation of explanatory videos or screencasts
  • Design and implementation of web-based formats such as interactive infographics, storytellings or functional web animations (using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript)


Web Science: Web Analytics or Digital Data Analysis

In the age of modernization, digital data analysis or web analytics is becoming increasingly important for all companies. As an information manager who is a professional in handling data and information, the skills required for this job profile are obtained with the corresponding specialization.

Tasks of digital data analysis:

  • Digital analysis in companies
  • Data collection on websites
  • Data preparation and provision with e.g. Google Analytics
  • Implementing data analysis projects and tracking their performance
  • Track and analyze performance through various analysis and monitoring tools
  • Continuous potential analysis for new optimization opportunities
  • Planning and implementation of PR campaigns
  • Close cooperation with the management, purchasing and sales


Web Science: Online Marketing

The fields of PR, online marketing and web analytics often go hand in hand in companies.Bildergebnis für online marketing Tasks that could be assigned to an online marketing manager are:

  • Responsible for content marketing
  • Target group oriented publishing and marketing of online content
  • Website maintenance in WordPress (on- and off-page optimization, conversion optimization, usability optimization)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Advising operations managers and the management team on the further development of the strategy for optimal lead generation via online channels.
  • Monitoring of latest web technologies and trends as well as evaluation of their deployment potentials.