Internship Phases

Important components of the Bachelor's program in Information Management are the two internship phases, in the 4th and 7th semester. The professionally relevant activities in a company, a public institution or a scientific library should contribute significantly to preparing students for their future professional field of activity. The students get a realistic idea of the professional reality as well as the possibilities, limits and problems of the desired professional field. Through their own observation and guided cooperation they get to know the essential tasks and activities of their future professional field. In addition, the students build up in-depth practical knowledge and skills during the internship phases.

During the internship phases the students are supervised in a professional manner. After the completion, the students reflect on the activities they have carried out during the internship, in particular they prepare a report and present their internship position to interested students of all semesters in a colloquium.

Due to the close connection between the internship phases and the competences acquired during the course of study, professional experience gained by students prior to their studies cannot be recognised.

The first internship phase lasts 22 weeks (in the 4th semester), the second phase lasts 11 weeks (in the 7th semester). The practical activities of the second internship phase can be linked to the topic of the Bachelor thesis, which is designed to take 9 weeks. The exact requirements for the internship phase are described in the Internship Phase Regulations .

Further documents on the internship phases can be found under Documents.