Study Program Administration

Felix Heise
Study Program Assistant

Antje Redeker-Pommerehne
Examination Administration


Prof. Dr. Jutta Bertram
Information Management - Basics

Prof. Dr. Ina Blümel
Networked Data in Information Science

Prof. Dr. Klaus Gantert
Library Science with a Focus on Information Systems

Prof. Dr. Sönke Lieberam-Schmidt
Business Administration in Information Management
Study Program Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Fabian Schmieder
Media and Information Technology Law

Prof. Dr. Thomas J. Schult
Applied Computer Science with a Focus on New Media

Prof. Dr.-Eng. Monika Steinberg
Media Information Technology

Prof. Dr. Christian Wartena
Language and Knowledge Processing

Prof. Dr. Peter Wübbelt
Applied Computer Science with a Focus on Decentralized Systems

Vertretung der Professur

Dr. Stefanie Elbeshausen

Instructors for Special Tasks 

Silke Clausing, Diploma Librarian, M.A.
Cataloguing in Libraries

Monika Maßmeyer, Diploma Documentalist
Information Management

Dr. Anke Wittich
IT-supported Processes in Library Networks and Small Information Facilities

Research Assistants 

Frieda Josi

Sina Marie Köhler
Basics of Information Law; Law for Medical Documentalists

Dr. Peter Stettner
Audiovisual Media

Gerrit Wucherpfennig
Media Literacy

Assistant Lecturers

Stephan Degenhardt

Johannes Endres

Tobias Fischer

Sven Frerichs

Amy Linh Hoang

Boris Jacob

Andre Kreutzmann

Dr. Thomas Simon

Fatima Stenzel