Current Projects in the Information Management Study Program:


Interviews zu den IM-Studiengängen.Teilnahme erwünscht!

Folgende Nachricht unserer Mitstudenten erreichte uns, natürlich teilen wir sie gerne hier und hoffen auf Ihre/Eure Mitarbeit. “Wir sind Studierende des Studienganges Informationsmanagement/Medizinisches Informationsmanagement an der Hochschule Hannover und wollen im Rahmen eines Marketingprojekts Interviews durchführen. Mit diesem Interview möchten wir den Bekanntheitsgrad unserer Studiengänge ermitteln. Wer kennt den Studiengang? Wie sind Sie erstmals darauf […]

WebLab Project for the Bauhaus Anniversary

As part of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus in 2019, an interactive game was created for the special exhibition Expressive Dance and Bauhaus Stage at the August Kestner Museum. The exhibition was active between 23.05.2019 and 29.09.2019. The game was made available for the entire duration of the exhibition.

App Support for the Venice Biennale

When the gates of the 58th Venice Art Biennale opened on 11 May, visitors were once again be able to embark on a kind of scavenger hunt through the alleys of the lagoon city. A whole series of exhibitions and pavilions are scattered throughout the city and they are not always easy to find.

Students Create Database for
Sports Court Rulings

In the practical project of Prof. Dr. Fabian Schmieder and Prof. Dr. Christian Wartena, information management students are developing a web-based database for sports court rulings of the Court of First Instance of the Hessian Football Association (HFV). For the kick-off workshop, a delegation of sports judges, association lawyers and IT experts led by the Vice President of the HFV Torsten Becker came from Frankfurt to Hanover to explain to the 15 students the requirements for such a database.

Q-Plus für Studiengang Informationsmanagement

"Quality plus" for BIM and BIB: Komm’ Se Digital Learning

Through the "Quality plus" funding program, the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture supports 48 projects to improve the quality of studies. Our study courses "Information Management" and "In-service Information Management" were successful with their application "Making competence development possible through self-directed learning in digital learning scenarios: Komm' Se digital learning" and will thus be funded for three years from 2019. Goals of the Q-Plus-IM project [...]

Completed Projects in the Information Management Study Program:

Student Project in Cooperation with the Lower Saxony State Office for Monument Preservation (NLD)

In the summer semester 2018, a student project in cooperation with the Lower Saxony State Office for Monument Preservation (NLD) took place. The NLD, based in Hanover, is the central state authority for the preservation of historical monuments in the federal state of Lower Saxony. This includes both the preservation of historical buildings and archaeological monuments. The aim of the project was to develop a recommendation for long-term archiving [...]

Information Management for the Venice Biennale

Every year art and architecture fans make a pilgrimage to Venice. An app from the Information Management program will help them find their way around the city in the future. In odd-numbered years Venice hosts the world's largest art show (Art Biennale), in even-numbered years the world's largest architecture show (Architecture Biennale). The exhibition venues are partly scattered far over the city. In order to find them, in the future [...]