Rund um die CampusCard HsH

Nachdem Ihr die Zusage von der Hochschule Hannover bekommen habt, bekommt Ihr einen Studierendenausweis (CampusCard HsH). Ihr werdet nach der Zusage dazu aufgefordert, ein Passfoto hochzuladen, damit Eure CampusCard erstellt werden kann. Anschließend wird sie an Euch direkt per Post zugestellt.

Funktionen der CampusCard HsH:

Student Card

The validity of the CampusCard is already printed on the first semester. Starting in the 2nd semester, the CampusCard must be extended. There are six validation stations available for this purpose. At Expo Plaza 12, the station is located in the main entrance on your left.

Semester Ticket

The CampusCard is also your ticket for public transport in Hannover. In addition, you can use all local trains on the designated routes throughout Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Bremen.
You can find the exact route plan here.

Library Card in the entire HOBSY Network

In order to use the CampusCard as a library card, you have to register once at the respective library and show the CampusCard. This activates the CampusCard as library card. In addition to the CampusCard, a valid identity card or a valid passport must be presented in conjunction with the registration certificate from the Residents' Registration Office.

MensaCard with integrated payment function

You can also use the CampusCard to pay in the cafeteria. To do so you have to load the CampusCard with money. You can do this at the EC-Machine of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. The booking is made by electronic direct debit (ELV) without any additional PIN request. The maximum amount you can load is 70,00 Euros. You can find EC-Machines in the cafeteria "Große Pause" or at Expo Plaza 12 on the 1st floor in the corridor in front of the library.
Should your account balance not be sufficient, a chargeback will be made. This will incur additional return debit charges, which usually amount to 4.50 Euros.

Print, Copy & Scan

There are three photocopier in Expo Plaza 12: in rooms 1.14 and 1.28 and in the library.
You will receive a print account credit of 10,00 Euros from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. When you have used this up, you have to top up your print account at the appropriate recharging stations. The print account reloader of Expo Plaza 12 is located on the 1st floor in the corridor in front of the library.
An A4 page costs 4 cents for black and white printing and 16 cents for colour printing.

Printing on the Printers in the Common PC Pools
Access and Entry Control
Use of Lockers in the Centre for University Sports (ZfH) and in the Königswörther Platz Libraries (FBK)

The CampusCard should be kept in a sturdy protective cover to avoid scratching or bending the card. If the CampusCard should no longer function due to improper handling, the new card must be paid for by the user. The cost for this is 10 Euros.

If your CampusCard is lost or stolen, you should have it blocked as soon as possible at the ITServiceDesk or directly in the library. You can also send an e-mail to stating your first and last name. If the CampusCard cannot be retrieved, you must go in person to the ITServiceDesk and pay a processing fee of 10 Euros. You will then receive a replacement card immediately. Any remaining balance can be determined by the Studentenwerk Hannover on request and transferred to the replacement card.

Contact Person for CampusCard Problems:

University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover
University IT
Frank Müller
Ricklinger Stadtweg 118 / Block 4 / Room 1427
30459 Hannover

Phone: 0511 9296-1130