Here you will find a few examples of student output from courses in the Information Management program. Our portfolio will be extended gradually.


WebLab HsH

WebLab: Ihre Arbeiten aus der Schublade ins Web

Seit 2016 sammeln wir im WebLab fortlaufend besonders gelungene studentische Arbeiten. Wir arbeiten daran, dass Ihre oft so wertvollen Prüfungsleistungen nach der Bewertung nicht nur “in der Schublade” verschwinden, sondern im Web sichtbar für andere Studierende und Interessierte veröffentlicht werden. #VonStudisFürStudis Ziel des WebLabs ist die Bündelung, Förderung und Weiterentwicklung studentischer Ergebnisse aus Lehrveranstaltungen, Praktika und Abschlussarbeiten zum Thema […]

Information Management for the Venice Biennale

Every year art and architecture fans make a pilgrimage to Venice. An app from the Information Management program will help them find their way around the city in the future. In odd-numbered years Venice hosts the world's largest art show (Art Biennale), in even-numbered years the world's largest architecture show (Architecture Biennale). The exhibition venues are partly scattered far over the city. In order to find them, in the future [...]

Kiosk Tour Hannover - Interactive Map

Within the Development of Multimedia Systems II course a guided kiosk tour in form of an interactive Google map was created. This map is designed to show the way and the highlights of a thirst-free walk and packed with additional valuable information via pop-up windows. HTML, CSS and JavaScript were used to create the map for this kiosk tour. If you [...]

Information Manager on the Job Market

This infographic by Frieda Josi was created using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript as part of the module "Media Integration" in the Master's Program Information and Knowledge Management at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. It shows a visual compilation of the individual sectors in which information managers work. The data used for this infographics is taken from the 2016 graduate survey by Prof. Dr. Jutta [...]

Was macht eigentlich ein Informationsmanager?

Interactive Infographics: What does an information manager actually do?

Under the project "Infographics" (summer semester 2016) Joana Hollasch and Johannes Burchert created an interactive infographics with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to show the different areas an information manager deals with during his studies and later during his/her career. The infographics show how versatile the tasks of an information manager are. In addition to information science, computer science and web development, areas such as information law, media science [...]

Studentischer Alltag im Informationsmanagement

Interactive Storytelling: Everyday Student Life

How does everyday student life look like in the Information Management program at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover? The storytelling created by Birte Rohden and Julian Hundertmark shows a typical daily routine of an information management student. HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript (including AngularJS), Adobe Photoshop and Windows Live Movie Maker were used for the implementation of this project. Click here for: Interactive Storytelling: Everyday Student Life