In the following you will find examples of course contents and student work from the six fields of competence in Information Management study program:

1 Library

Alphabetical Cataloguing 1

Operation of Information Facilities

Alphabetical Cataloguing 2

Digital Library

Scientific Library

2 Knowledge Services

Operation of Information Facilities

Knowledge Services

Knowledge Communication

Practice of Information Gathering

3 Information Literacy

Information Literacy

Empirical Social Research 2

Public Relations and Marketing

Promoting Information Literacy

Information History and Information Ethics

4 Media Expertise

Information Literacy

Empirical Social Research 2

Audio-Visual Media 1

Print Media

Audio-Visual Media 2

5 Data Science

Practical Computer Science 2

Algorithms and Data Structures

Information retrieval

Text and Data Mining

Management of Research Information

6 Web Information Management

Development of Multimedia Systems I

Development of Multimedia Systems II

WWW Technologies I

Selected Questions of Media Informatics