40 years of Information Management at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover today represents a practice-oriented and forward-looking study program.

What was it? What is it now? What will it be?

Information in Motion is shown during the InfoInMotion2019 Event with all its facets.
An insight into study contents and results was provided by the interactive educational film on the Functioning of Search Engines, it was complemented by the Role Play and Workshops on Caption Analysis, on the "Working Out Loud" concept, a picture gallery on cooperation with the partner university in Warsaw, the Marshmellow-Challenge and advice from the international student exchange “Wanderlust”.

The Sport Judgments Database, an app for the Biennale in Venice and a Wiki on technical terminology of the information sciences presented results of student projects in cooperation with the professional community. Numerous study results are made available in WebLab for further use. The exhibition of historical IT provided a look back. Practice partners had lively discussions with students and graduates. The event offered a good opportunity for networking and enabled the students to make valuable professional contacts.

What changes will emerge for the graduates of today and tomorrow?

Dealing with algorithms, their interpretation, ethical and legally compliant use requires knowledge of programming from all citizens. The evaluation of information will become even more important. Information managers must act actively and responsibly in this area and advise broad sections of the population on the interpretation of data and information. For the world of work, digitisation is creating new working concepts in cooperation and challenging companies to offer attractive working conditions to their employees. In a concluding lecture, copyright aspects of information processing by so-called artificial intelligence showed that the human being is at the centre and is only "created" in the sense of copyright law if the human being significantly influences the presentation of information.

InfoInMotion2019: Silke Clausing, Prof. Monika Steinberg und Dr. Anke Wittich

What does this mean now for the Information Management Study Program?

The study program offers graduates a basic education on which they can build in professional practice. And what does this mean for students and graduates:

Everyday working life is not always just "brilliant", it always demands personal initiative and is subject to a constant willingness for further training.

Programming skills are required in all areas of activity, but human interaction and employee-friendly working conditions far beyond a coffee machine and fruit basket can also be expected.

We would like to thank all participants, the workshop organisers, students, graduates, alumni and practice partners for the interest shown and the valuable discussions.

A special thanks goes to Frau Dr. Anke Wittich, who wrote this article and accompanied us through the day at InfoInMotion2019 as an excellent moderator.