Content of Information Management

Information management deals with the using, planning and controlling of external and internal information within a company or organization, and accounting for the content and its forms in the media. Through this, information will be understood as a production factor. Management of information is the task of ensuring that information for production is available, and that information can be provided and renewed upon demand. A part of this task is organizing and maintaining the supply of information from internal administrative facilities, as well as public and scientific facilities.

In the Bachelor program you will learn and practice methods and expertise on Information management work. This includes, for example, the building of data bases for literature, media -or project documentation, electronic publishing, as well as the use of standard software for various purposes such as research, preparation and evaluation of information. Knowledge of applied computer science and a professional understanding of modern information technology are required in your future profile of skills. A good knowledge of English is also required. Teaching content on business management, information facilitating, knowledge management and communication skills will be a part of course lectures.

Intensive practical experience is a special benefit of our program: this includes five months in the fourth semester, and multiple weeks in the seventh semester. Even the Bachelor’s thesis can be written based on a practical, branch related, topic in cooperation with a company or organization. Extensive project work, excursions and seminars will be held by guest lecturers from a professional practice. This will enable you to participate and learn directly about current developments in the Information sector.

As an information manager, not only will you have high responsibilities: you will ensure that the right information is available at the right time and in the right form. Aside from the professional qualifications, a sense of responsibility, team work, and communication skills are highly valued and are required part of your skill set in order to be successful.

With the re-accreditation of the Bachelors degree program Information Management by the Accreditation Institute Aquin in 2011 to 2017, the Hochschule Hannover follows the current requirements in the profession of information specialists.

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